Give Meals for Two

Give Meals for Two

from 65.00

Two meals, for 2 people (4 portions total) will be delivered on Wednesday between 3-5 pm.

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Meals will be cooled, and ready for refrigeration, or to be heated and enjoyed right away. Dishes can be heated in the given, oven-safe containers.

Souper Supper delivery will include:

  • Two different, two-serving entrees in oven-safe, disposable containers

  • Fresh side salad and/or a vegetable dish

  • Grain or starch (i.e. garlic bread, baked potato, steamed or fried rice...)

  • Thoughtfully-portioned dessert

  • Simply-worded, and easy-to-follow reheating instruction card

  • Reusable ice packs

  • Insulated delivery bag